Your Bristol UCU Newsflash, 30th January 2019

1) ‘Post Your Vote’, Wednesday, 6th February, Post Box outside Hawthorns @1pm

Join us Wednesday next week at 1pm to ‘post your vote’ at the postbox outside the Hawthorns:

Even if you have already voted in the current UCU Pay and Equality industrial ballot, please come along and ‘post’ one of our large A2 envelopes for the cameras.

Remember: if you have already voted in the ballot, please look in your emails for ‘Have You Voted In The UCU Strike Ballot?’ – sent on Monday – and follow the instructions. Once you submit your ‘Unique Code’ in the linked-to form, no more Get The Vote Out branch emails.

2) Your Views Sought on Current Progression & Promotion Proposals

Changes to Pathway 3 job titles to correspond with Pathway 1 titles: a welcome change?

Progression for most Pathway 3 teaching staff on Grade J/profile b and above: a positive move, but why not for staff on Grade I/profile a and above? Or indeed Pathway 2 research staff?

Should Readers be retitled Associate Professors? Movement between Pathways to be made easier? The addition of 3 new Grade L Reader discretionary points? New Promotions Framework based on the Boyer’s model of scholarship?

For a more comprehensive account, please do read our Bristol UCU blog post ‘‘Progress to Report But Also Areas of Disappointment’: Bristol UCU Promotion and Progression Update’:

‘Progress to Report But Also Areas of Disappointment’: Bristol UCU Promotion and Progression Update

Bristol UCU officers are seeking your views on this raft of proposed changes resulting from the current Review of Progression and Promotion.

Email with your feedback.