Bristol UCU Newsflash, 13th March: General Meeting Today@1pm, Vic Rooms Student Occupation & Ceasefire NOW!, Staff Experience Survey 2024

1) General Meeting, Today,13:00-14:00, Teams

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2) Vic Rooms Student Occupation & Ceasefire NOW!

Bristol UCU branch shares the call of the student ‘UoB Occupation for a Free Palestine’ for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied territories, and for the UK government to stop selling weapons to Israel.

We urge representatives of the University of Bristol to meet with the student Occupiers as soon as is practicable possible to discuss the Occupiers’ demands, and to respect the peaceful current occupation of the Victoria Rooms.

The current assault on Gaza and the collective punishment of the Palestinian people by Israeli military forces is a moral outrage. Bristol UCU, Bristol Students’ Union, University of Bristol alike: it is to no one’s credit to remain silent regarding the current actions of the Israeli military. We would hope the University of Bristol takes the requisite moral stand.

3) Staff Experience Survey 2024

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