Bristol UCU Newsflash, 19th June: Open Day Strike Action, Special “Overturn These Temp Regulations’ Senate Today, Guidance to Internal Examiners For Upcoming Exam Boards

1) Open Day Strike Action, Friday, 16th

Thanks to everyone who picketed on Friday’s Open Day alongside University of Bristol Unison. Unison are also taking strike action today.

2) Special “Overturn These Temp Regulations’ Senate Today

A Special Senate meets today to ‘declare its opinion to the Board of Trustees on whether to overturn’ the University of Bristol’s amended ‘progression, award and the classificiation of a degree in taught programmes’ regulations:

Bristol UCU does ‘not believe that it is possible to meet the stated aims of maintaining academic standards while proposing to award degrees (classified or otherwise) under the temporary changes to academic regulations and would ask that you immediately rescind these temporary regulations. These changed academic regulations devalue degrees awarded at the University: students are getting degraded degrees at the University in 2023 under these temporary regulations’ [link]

3) Guidance to Internal Examiners For Upcoming Exam Boards

For the Attention of Exam Officers, Exam Board Officers, Unit and Programme Directors.

Before June School Exam Boards, please read:

Aim: To alert University Internal Examiners of the grounds not to recommend the progression, award and classification of degrees.