Bristol UCU Newsflash, 14th June: Friday, 16th June – Bristol UCU & Unison Open Day Strike, Crucial Phase of Our Marking and Assessment Boycott

1) Bristol UCU and Unison Open Day Strike, Friday, 16th June

  • UCU Picket Lines from 10am [link]  
  • Assemble for Joint Union Rally at 2pm outside Senate House, opposite The Hawthorns
  • Following the Rally, March to College Green
  • Please wear pink and/or purple.  

2) Crucial Phase of Our Marking and Assessment Boycott

Settle This Dispute Today. Restore Our Pay. Stop Punitive Pay Docking.

Despite UCU’s willingness to re-enter talks, despite our willingness as a branch to consider a serious proposal from the University to call off Friday’s strike day, our University leadership is unwilling to make the necessary constructive first step. Students and staff are rightly appalled at this inaction.  

Instead of settling the dispute, by calling for UCEA-Union talks, University of Bristol leadership is committed to degraded degrees, the most egregious strike breaking [link] and threatening grossly disproportionate pay docking.

University leaders are spending time best spent dedicated to settling this dispute, exacerbating and escalating an educational crisis.

We are entering a crucial phase. Large swathes of marking have not been done. University managers are taking to collegiality-endangering attempted marking reallocation. In their efforts to strike-break, they are assigning marking to Vice Chancellors, and others, who are ill-trained and/or unqualified to undertake it. As we move towards June’s Exam Boards, we have the spectre of unclassified, degraded degrees.

Thanks to the resolution and resolve of UCU marking members, we continue to apply pressure in this UK-wide pay and conditions dispute. The next step from our employers should be to make us an offer and fast.

See you on Friday.