Bristol UCU Newsflash, 24th May: Pledge Today For More Strike Pay, AGM, Wednesday, 7th June, 13:00-14:00

1) Pledge Today For More Strike Pay

The next few weeks are crucial branch fundraising weeks.

Our branch Pledge Scheme asks members, University of Bristol staff, and all supporters to donate half a day’s pay for every week of the summer assessment period, 2 days’s worth of pay.

Pledge today:

If you have no marking not to mark, or are a Professional Service or Research-only UCU member, this is an excellent way to support fellow Bristol UCU members currently MAB-ing.

At the end of the summer assessment period, June 2nd, branch officers will review the pledges and the Local Hardship Fund, with a view to improving the Fund’s ability to support MAB-ing staff.

Every pledge increases the likelihood of upping our days claimable from the Fund. For salaried staff Grade J and below, this is currently 5 days in total, for strike days taken both before and after Christmas, and for any pay docked because of the marking and assessment boycott.  

14 hours are currently claimable for hourly-paid staff for any marking that they do not carry out before the conclusion of their contract.

How much would a pledge cost? Take a Senior Lecturer, middle of their grade, Grade K. For two days, that’s a pledge of £49, 841/365 x 2 = £273. Take a member of Professional Service staff on grade J: a 2-day pledge of £230.

We note that members facing deductions of 50% or more are going to be eligible for national Fighting Fund payments.

Big or small donations to our Local Hardship Fund are, of course, always welcome:

Please ask friends, and local and national groups for their support. Cash is tight, but we need to boost the Fund!

2) Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, 7th June, 13:00-14:00, Microsoft Teams: Agenda & Papers

To join the branch AGM on Wednesday, 7th June, click on the Teams link below:


  • Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting (AGM), 8 June 2022
  • Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Income and Expenditure
  • Election of Branch Officers and Local Association Executive Committee Members for 2023/24
  • Update on the MAB and current dispute
  • Closing remarks from the Branch President  
  • AOB