Bristol UCU Newsflash, 2nd November 2022

1) UCU Strike Action

Tomorrow UCU’s Higher Education Committee will determine the timing, length, and form of forthcoming UCU strike action. Details to follow shortly.

Bristol UCU and UK UCU members have fed back their preferences via our recent UCU survey [link], branch meetings and via our branch delegates [link].

UCU members have expressed a preference for taking strike action the week commencing 21st November.

We stand on the threshold of sector-wide strike action, unless our employers take the necessary action to revoke cuts to our pensions and pay. It is critical that Bristol and UK UCU members stand united and deliver on our strike mandate.  

Simply put, we need to build and escalate a programme of strike action that makes UK universities change their policy on pensions, pay, workload, precarity, and pay equality.  

We are already seeing some movement — employers are on the verge of entering into new negotiations with UCU over our ‘4 Fights’ — but without the type of strike action that applies the maximum amount of pressure, we will see no further movement from university managements.  

As a protest, Bristol UCU picket lines send a clear message; let us make sure we take action that secures us the difference-making leverage that our negotiators need.