Your Bristol UCU Newsflash, 10th October 2018

Bristol UCU submitted our Anti-Casualisation Claim last week. To read the Claim in full, please click on the link below:

Hot on the heels of our Gender Pay Claim, the Anti-Casualisation Claim asks the University of Bristol to enter into consequential negotiations with Bristol UCU in order to address ‘the employment of staff on precarious, insecure terms and conditions…one of the modern scourges of HE’.

These negotiations ‘should be conducted in a structured and timely fashion, with measurable actions resulting from the negotiations’. By January next year the University – or the Vice-Chancellor and University Management Team on behalf of the University – should issue, along with Bristol UCU, ‘a joint statement of intent…committing the University to reduce casualised employment at this institution’.

What does the Claim demand?

It calls for:

  • the properly resourced and regularly reviewed transfer of hourly-paid staff to fractional contracts
  • an end to the use of nine and ten-month teaching contracts
  • fair and equitable treatment for all postgraduates who teach
  • guarantees that hourly-paid teachers doing the same work are paid the same, have the same job description and are on the same grade
  • an uplift to allocated hourly-paid teachers’ hours where appropriate to reflect unpaid labour in preparation, assessment and related duties time
  • the reestablishment of central University bridging funds to support the continued financial security of researchers renewing or applying for further external project funding
  • the review of the continued use of fixed-term contracts to ensure that the policy on open-ended contracts is being properly applied, especially as it concerns the establishment and advertising of new research staff roles.
  • the review of the use of fixed-term contracts in professional services roles at Grade I and above

You can find a summary of all 20 points made in the Claim at the end of the Claim document.