Bristol UCU Newsflash, 19th September 2023: Donate Today — Supporting UCU MAB-ing Members

1) Donate Today — Supporting UCU MAB-ing Members

Our Bristol UCU MAB Salary Scheme Crowdfunder is still open and still accepting donations. If you have not donated, donate today and/or share with friends, colleagues and supporters asking for a donation:

Bristol UCU MAB Salary Share Scheme, organized by Bristol UCU Please donate today to support a University of Bristol UCU MAB-ing member of staff. … Bristol UCU needs your support for Bristol UCU MAB Salary Share

Donations to the Crowdfunder are to be used to support UCU members who participated in the boycott in our prioritized MAB workplaces, members who MAB-ed up until August, incurring many days of deductions as a result. The more money, the more there is to pay out to those members.

Let’s get as much as possible to support financially our friends and colleagues who have borne the cost the most for their boycotting.

Let’s get over £10,000 in the Crowdfunder.

Please also note: our branch Local Hardship Fund and our national UCU Fighting Fund are still open for applications: