Bristol UCU Newsflash, 9th December: Dispute Resolution: In-Person Teaching; Digital Experience Insights Survey

1) Dispute Resolution: In-Person Teaching

The Branch Executive and Branch Reps meet yesterday, this in advance of our final Dispute Resolution meeting Wednesday next week. Reps highlighted the potential importance of devolving online and in-person teaching decision to Schools and to individual programmes, and of capping f2f, in-person teaching for hourly-paid and Pathway 3 fixed-term staff.

Reps also stressed the current ‘ridiculous’ workload associated with blended learning commitments.

Following the final Dispute Resolution meeting next week, Branch Negotiators will report back on the outcome of the talks. The Branch Executive will then meet early in the new year to decide the formal branch response, as well as how to consult the branch membership.

2) Digital Experience Insights Survey

The University is running a Digital Experience Insights staff survey.

Please complete to share how digital technologies are being used in your workplace: