Bristol UCU Newsflash, 16th September: Message from the Branch President James Thompson

Message from the Branch President

As term approaches, Bristol UCU members are working hard, as ever, on preparing for the new academic year. We’ve never done so, however, in these circumstances. Nationally and locally, UCU has been striving to keep staff and students safe. We’re working closely with Bristol Student Union highlight to pursue common demands around testing, contingency plans and unsafe rooms, for example.

I want to highlight two particular points. Firstly, we are concerned for and taking actions to support colleagues who face the prospect of several hours (up to 12 in some cases) of in-person teaching. This volume of in-person teaching cannot be appropriate. Secondly, we continue to defend what we regard as the fundamental right to teach online if a colleague does not feel safe teaching in person.

It’s clear from correspondence that members have a variety of views on how we should be teaching in TB1. For us to represent those views most effectively, it would be enormously helpful if members could fill in this brief survey:

Take care,

James Thompson