Your Special Bristol UCU Workload Newsflash, 19th October 2016

Dear Bristol UCU member
  • Did you know its key objective: ‘to ensure that members of staff on these grades are able to observe their contractual requirements, pursue their careers and undertake their day to day duties without unfair and unreasonable requirements being placed on them in relation to those duties, and with sufficient time to enjoy a personal life’? 
  • Were you aware that, according to the Agreement, ‘workloads will continue to be managed in an open, fair and equitable way’?
  • When was the last time you heard mention of the workload ‘Dispute Resolution Panel’?
As part of Bristol UCU’s ‘Workload Strategy for 2016/17’ , we are keen, as a first objective, to publicise the Agreement, a document that we consider seriously underutilised.
If you have any workload-related matters you wish to raise, please get in touch with