University, Faculty and Divisional Committee Representatives

UCU Bristol Branch Officers, Executive Committee members and local contacts act as your representatives on various University, Faculty and Divisional Committees.

Joint Consultative and Negotiation Committee (JCNC) Members

  • Jamie Melrose (Branch President)
  • John McTague (Joint Branch Vice President/English)
  • Laura Dickinson (Joint Branch Vice President/Civil, Aerospace & Design Engineering)

Joint Union Committee (JUC) Members

  • Jamie Melrose (Branch President/SPAIS)
  • John McTague (Joint Branch Vice President/Dept of English)
  • Laura Dickinson (Joint Branch Vice President/School of Civil, Aerospace & Design Engineering)

Faculty Joint Trade Union (JTU) Reps


  • John McTague (Joint Branch Vice President/Dept of English)
  • Donna Mac Lean (Branch Secretary/CALD)


  • Laura Dickinson (Joint Branch Vice President/Civil Engineering)
  • Cameron Hall (School of Engineering, Mathematics and Technology)

Health Sciences

  • Stephen D’Evelyn (Branch Casework Coordinator)
  • David Troy (Bristol Medical School)

Life Sciences

  • Andrew James (Physiology and Pharmacology)
  • Celine Petitjean (Membership Secretary / Biological Sciences)


  • John Mackay (Mathematics)
  • Stephen D’Evelyn (Branch Casework Coordinator)

Social Sciences and Law

  • Tonia Novitz (Law)
  • Ricky Tutin (Branch Treasurer/Accounting and Finance)

Professional Services Joint Trade Union (JTU) Reps

  • Jamie Melrose (Branch President)
  • Alex Clarke (Library Services)
  • Elizabeth Sommerville (Marketing)