Your Bristol UCU Newsflash, 20th February 2019

Last Day to Vote! Don’t Delay, Vote Today!

The UCU Pay and Equality ballot closes this Friday 22nd February at noon, so today is the last day that you can post your vote and expect it to be counted.

Whichever way you vote, please make sure your views are counted – help us to push through the draconian 50% turnout threshold.

A high turnout in this ballot puts the union in a strong bargaining position. Almost a year to the day after the start of the USS strike, with our pensions still very much a live issue, we again need to act in unity and show our strength.

UCU is clear as to why to vote YES, YES in the ballot. Without action, UCU will be unable to address rising workloads, increasing precarity of employment, the gender pay gap and a fall in pay that has seen a drop by 21% in real terms since 2009. UCU ‘has repeatedly called on university employers to work with us to tackle the gender pay gap, insecure contracts and excessive workloads, as well as to make an offer that seriously addresses the fall in value of your pay. Yet the employers refuse to properly address any of these issues nationally. If we want to change that it is vital that we win this ballot’.

We should all know the result of the ballot by this time next week.

Please, don’t delay, vote today!